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I am an Australian-American artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. My work explores the relationship between the organic and the synthetic through the deconstruction and abstraction of the world around us, often focusing on social, political and cultural issues. My philosophy concerns the impermanence of things - how they grow, evolve and devolve - by uncovering what is unseen.

My technique is varied and diverse, depending on the project. My process over the last 20 years shows an obsession with layers - layers of opacity and transparency, layers of textures, layers of meaning. My ambition is to distill truth from evolving hidden meanings.

My work has been exhibited throughout America and Australia.

my vocations

After gaining my PhD from Brown University, I have been working in the interdisciplinary fields of museum studies, interactive design, user interface development, animation and user experience. I have presented at numerous conferences and taught in these areas at an undergraduate and graduate level. You can download my resume HERE.

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  • ttxdfPhD, Multimedia Art - Brown University 2013
    Dissertation Creative: Anxiety of Influence: utilizing a self-designed wireless sensor suit sculpting multichannel audiovisuals
    Dissertation: Anxiety of Influence in Art
  • MA, Creative Arts & Technology - Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts 2009
    Thesis: Variations on the Theme of Metamorphosis
  • MA, Computer Music & Multimedia Art - Brown University 2008
    Thesis: Sculpting Sound & Image: Creating Digital Transmedia with Kinetic Movement
  • MM, Computer Music Composition - Indiana University 2006
    Fulbright Fellowship - Thesis: Liquid Mirror, for orchestra and live electronics
  • BA, Music Performance & Composition - Edith Cowan University 2001


  • Teaching Assistant, Studio as Compositional Tool - Brown University 2009
  • Teaching Assistant, Digital Performance - Brown University 2009
  • Teaching Assistant, Real-Time Systems - Brown University 2007
  • Teaching Assistant, Computer Music Seminar - Indiana University 2005
  • Lecturer in Harmony 1 - Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts 2002-2003
  • Lecturer in Theory 1 - Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts 2002-2003
Technology-related Positions
  • Studio Proctor for the MEME studios Music Department / Brown University 2008
  • CONMAG Apple Computer Manager - Brown University 2006
  • MAX/MSP Programmer - Speech and Hearing Department / Indiana University 2005
  • Music Library Technical Assistant - Indiana University 2004-2006
  • Student Technologies Center Consultant - Information Technology Services / Indiana Univ. 2004-2006

Honoraries, Grants & Awards

  • Creative Arts Council Grants (4) Brown University 2006-2010
  • Dean’s Prize Indiana University 2005
  • Postgraduate Fellowship Fulbright Foundation 2003-2004
  • Composer-in-Residence Peggy Glanville-Hicks Foundation 2000
  • Young Australian of the Year, Arts Division National Australia Day Council 2002
  • Young Composers Award Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) 2001

Presentations & Performances

  • Semiotics of Glitch Artistic Practice [ Published by ASEA]
  • Anxiety of Influence, 2012 (Doctoral Dissertation, Brown University)
  • Sculpting Sound and Image through Kinetic Movement, 2008 (Masters Thesis, Brown University) [ PDF ]
  • Connecting the Dots: Methodologies for Interfacing the Digital with the Kinetic, 2012 Guest presentation at the 13th Biennial Arts and Technology Symposium, The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology, Connecticut College, March 1-3, 2012. [ PDF ]
  • AUDIO-VISION: A Critical Examination of the Connections between Sound and Image in New Media Arts, 2007 (Brown University) [ PDF ]
  • Sensing: Methodologies for Interfacing Digital Art with the Kinetic World 2007 (Brown University) [ PDF ]
  • Windows, Bridges, and Transparencies: An Analysis of Current Sculpture, Glass, and Installation Art" 2007 (Brown University) [ PDF ]
  • Variations on the Theme of Metamorphosis (Masters Thesis, Edith Cowan University) [ PDF ]
  • Metamorphosis as a Musical Algorithm'" 2001, Edith Cowan University (2001) Presented at the Australasian Computer Music Conference in Melbourne, Australia [ PDF ]
  • Case Study of the Composer -The Preponderance of Self Awareness for the Post-Modern Artist" 2001 (Edith Cowan University)
  • Processes of Collaboration and the Imprartation of Artistic Meaning- Music Dance and Design
  • Importance of Meyer's Work; Emotion and Meaning

Selected Works

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Shows

  • Fringe Festival- 2016
    Various locations, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Introversion- 2016
    Marty’s Market, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Metamorphosis 1 - 2012
    AS220 Res Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Experiments in Optics - 2009
    Hillel Building, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Blood of a Poet - 2007
    T.F. Green Hall, Providence
  • Perspectives - 2006
    Luna Lofts, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Sound Pictures - 2000
    Peggy Glanville Hicks House, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Distillations of Motion - 1998
    Contemporary Art Space, Perth, Western Australia

Group Shows

  • Oscillations - Duo Exhibition with Tracy Wilkerson January 18 to March 9, 2019
    Anacostia Arts Center , 1231 Good Hope Road, SE Washington, D.C. 20020
    Opening Reception - January 18, 7pm to 9pm
  • James McLaughlin Memorial Staff Show- September 1-30 - 2018
    The Phillips Collection, Dupont Circle, Washington DC
  • Epoque - 2017
    Works about Internationality, Perth, Western Australia
  • A Banned Sound Painting - 2012
    Pixilerations Festival, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Staircase - 2011
    Pixilerations Festival, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Hidden Messages - 2001
    Perth Institute of contemporary arts, Perth Western Australia
  • Wild Reeds - 2004
    Fulbright Center, New York City, New York
  • Socrates and the Sirens - 2003
    SPECTRUM, Perth

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